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Yantra Hosted Physics

Yantra is a platform engineered to address the technical challenges of real-time physics simulations in game development. Traditional authoritative physics servers require dedicated server resources, manual scalability solutions, and constant performance monitoring. Yantra alleviates these burdens by adopting a serverless architecture. This architecture abstracts away server management tasks, automates scalability based on real-time demand, and ensures consistent performance. The platform offers essential features like binary data compression, delta updates, and client-side prediction, collectively optimizing bandwidth usage and reducing latency. By adopting such a comprehensive approach to physics hosting, Yantra provides game developers with a platform that prioritizes efficiency and technical robustness.


  • Streamlined Game Development:
    • The platform is designed to modernize the tools used in game development, ensuring developers can produce immersive virtual experiences without unnecessary technical overheads.
  • Design-centric Development:
    • With the physics handled, developers can center their efforts on refining gameplay and design.
  • Scalability:
    • One of the key features of Yantra is its ability to scale automatically based on demand, thus ensuring uninterrupted gameplay, even at peak times.
  • Cost-efficiency:
    • This model operates on a pay-as-you-use principle, eliminating the need for heavy investment in server infrastructure.
  • Global Connectivity:
    • High-speed, global-scale websocket connections are utilized, facilitating real-time gameplay for players from all over the world. This also enables the creation of shared virtual spaces with minimal latency.

Key Features

  • Real-time Physics:
    • Provides real-time physics simulation facilitated by a high-performance serverless backend.
  • Binary Data Compression:
    • Aims to minimize bandwidth consumption and enhance performance.
  • Delta Updates and Delta Compression:
    • Differential state updates are broadcasted, and delta compression is applied for all integers to reduce data transmission.
  • Client-Side Prediction:
    • For all physics bodies, client-side prediction is supported.
  • Server Reconciliation:
    • Ensures consistency by supporting server reconciliation for all physics bodies.
  • Snapshot Interpolation:
    • Allows interpolation for all physics entities, ensuring smooth transitions and movements.
  • Rewind, Replay, and Time-travel:
    • Provides capabilities to revisit previous states of physics bodies.
  • Float Encoding:
    • Utilizes a specialized Int2Float encoding mechanism to further reduce bandwidth usage.