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Experience Serverless Physics. Focus on Game Design, We Handle the Rest.
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What is Serverless Physics?

"Serverless Physics" abstracts the complexities of physics simulation, empowering developers to focus on game logic and design. Experience a scalable, high-performance backend that manages physics calculations, collision detections, and more. Say goodbye to server management, scalability concerns, and performance optimization.

Mantra game development framework

Mantra is a versatile Javascript game development framework that lets you focus on game logic and design.

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You development your game using the Mantra framework, and then deploy your game to Yantra's serverless physics platform.

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Why Yantra's Mantra?

Game development is evolving, and so should the tools you use. Yantra offers a revolutionary approach to game physics, allowing you to create immersive virtual worlds without the hassle of server management, scalability issues, or high costs. Our serverless physics platform gives you a high-performance backend that scales automatically, ensuring your players get a seamless experience every time.

Transform Your Game Development

Focus on Design

Let us handle the physics. You focus on creating engaging gameplay.

Seamless Scalability

Yantra scales automatically based on demand, ensuring smooth gameplay even during peak times.


Only pay for the compute time you consume. Say goodbye to expensive server setups.

Global Gameplay

With high-speed global-scale websocket connections, offer real-time gameplay to players worldwide.

Integrate with Ease: Yantra SDK

Our SDK is designed for developers, by developers. Integrate Yantra into your game with just a few lines of code. Experience the power of serverless physics today.

Run the SDK locally to see how it works. Deploy your serverless functions to our cloud platform for ultra low-latency.

npm install -g @yantra-core/cli
Install CLI and run yantra login for free account.

Supports all Languages and Game Engines

Yantra is a serverless platform, so it works with any game engine or programming language. We provide a simple JSON based state API that you can use to create and update physics bodies.

In local development, you will need to create a WebSocket connection to a Yantra server.

In production, your Docker container will automatically connect to our cloud platform for low-latency game physics.

Advanced Multiplayer Netcode Features

Global Multiplayer

Connect players worldwide with high-speed websocket connections. Experience shared virtual spaces with minimal latency.

Real-time Physics

Experience real-time physics simulation with our high-performance serverless backend.

Binary Data Compression

Reduce bandwidth usage and improve performance with our binary data compression.

Delta Updates / Delta Compression

Yantra will only broadcast differential state updates and uses delta compression for all integers.

Client-Side Prediction

Yantra supports client-side prediction for all physics bodies.

Server Reconciliation

Yantra supports server reconciliation for all physics bodies.

Snapshot Interpolation

Yantra supports interpolation for all physics bodies.

Rewind / Replay / Time-travel

Yantra supports rewind, replay, and time-travel for all physics bodies.

Float Encoding

Yantra uses a custom and configurable Int2Float encoding to reduce bandwidth usage.

<script src="https://yantra.gg/mantra.js"></script> <script> document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', (event) => { let game = new MANTRA.Game(); // optionally use plugins like Bullet game.use('Bullet'); game.start(); }); </script> <script src="https://yantra.gg/mantra.js"></script> <script> document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', (event) => { let game = new MANTRA.Game({ physics: 'matter', // enum, 'physx', 'matter' graphics: ['babylon', 'phaser'], // array enum, 'babylon', 'phaser', 'css' camera: 'center', // enum, 'follow', 'center' keyboard: true, // boolean or `Keyboard` config object mouse: true, // boolean or `Mouse` config object collisions: false, // boolean, toggles global entity collisions lifetime: true, // boolean, enables `lifetime` property width: 1600, // number height: 900, // number protobuf: false, // boolean, toggles protobuf compressions msgpack: false, // boolean, toogles msgpack compressions deltaCompression: false, // boolean deltaEncoding: true // boolean }); game.start(); }); </script> <script src="https://yantra.gg/mantra.js"></script> <script> document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', (event) => { let game = new MANTRA.Game(); // Use Plugins to extend the game game .use('Bullet') .use('Block') .use('Border', { autoBorder: false }) .use('StarField') .use('Editor') .use('ControlsGUI'); game.start(function () { game.createEntity({ type: 'BLOCK', width: 500, height: 500, depth: 200, position: { x: 0, y: -500 }, }); game.systems.border.createBorder({ height: 2000, width: 2000 }); }); }); </script> npm install -g @yantra-core/cli mkdir my-awesome-world cd my-awesome-world yantra init yantra login yantra deploy