Yantra's $1,000 Developer Incentive: Dive into the Future of Gaming

πŸš€ Introducing the Yantra Alpha Explorer Program

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Yantra, the pioneer in Serverless Physics for gaming, is embarking on an extraordinary journeyβ€”and we want you to be a part of it! With our platform currently in early Alpha, we are offering 10 visionary developers or teams an opportunity to win $1,000 each. All you have to do is what you love: build an unforgettable game using our cutting-edge platform.

The Deal

  1. Alpha Testers: Dive deep into Yantra and bring a multiplayer/massive multiplayer game to life. We anticipate a few weeks of exhilarating development. Discover, play, and iron out those inevitable early bugs together.
  2. Platform Compatibility: While we prefer browser-based games, pitch us your compelling ideas if you have something different in mind.
  3. Earn & Learn: At the end of your development journey, you will have a potentially groundbreaking game and earn $1,000!

Why Yantra?

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And that's just scratching the surface. With features like real-time physics simulation, binary data compression, delta updates, client-side prediction, and much more, Yantra is redefining the essence of game development.

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