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AYYO: Yantra Game Client

AYYO,, is the default game client provided by Yantra. Yantra focuses on serverless physics and backend development. A client interface is expected to interact with Yantra. AYYO serves this purpose as a standardized client for games deployed on Yantra.

Choose your Client

When developers deploy their games to Yantra, they have two client-side options:

  1. Write and implement their own custom game client.
  2. Use the provided AYYO client.

AYYO is a general-purpose Yantra client

AYYO is designed to be a general-purpose client and functions as Yantra's most substantial client implementation, showcasing the platform's features and scalability. Developers opting for AYYO can streamline their development, utilizing a pre-built client fully integrated with Yantra's backend.

Start with AYYO

We recommend starting your Yantra development using the AYYO client. AYYO is a great client for retro-style browser games! Once you have gotten a better handle on the Yantra API and deployment lifecycle, you can decide if writing a custom game client is right for you.